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Week 2

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Week 2 [ Jan 19-25]

Discussion Topic:  Non-Native English Speaking Teachers: History and Research

Guest speaker: Enric Llurda 


Participants should ideally read Moussu & Llurda (2008) prior to the beginning of Week 2. A powerpoint presentation will also be provided to introduce the topic, followed by an online discussion, which will centre around the following questions, in addition to other topics that participants may decide to bring out:


Questions for Discussion:

  • What is in your opinion the most relevant research conducted so far on NNESTs?
  • What kind of research is still missing?
  • What can we say to sceptics who might claim that research on NNEST is repetitively pursuing the same questions again and again?
  • What new directions should research take in the future? Should it be ‘politically oriented’ (affirming status and identity) or ‘technically oriented’ (description of NNESTs characteristics)?
  • What methods of research should be primed in future NNEST studies?


For reading materials, go to http://tinyurl.com/Week2-readings


Here is a list from our participants' responses to the question: What new directions should research take place?



Live Session


Guest Speaker: Enric Llurda


                    Date:  Jan. 22, 2009

                    Length: 1 hour

                    Time: 15 GMT                       


                    See time conversions here, http://tinyurl.com/Enric-live


                    Place: Learning Times, http://tinyurl.com/y3eh  


Click here to listen/watch the recording of the session.

New Directions for Research

See NNEST-EVO Network Wiki

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