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Webheads Virtual Office in LearningTimes


For microphone/speaker setup beforehand and for further help, go to the Elluminate site Help pages.


Technical Prep


1.Go to Webheads Virtual Office in LearningTimes, and sign up for an account.

2. You will receive an email notification from Learning Times. Once your account has been set (which will only take a few minutes), go back to Webheads Virtual Office in LearningTimes 

3. Sign in using the same Username and password you used when you created your account.

4. Click on the Green button 'Enter Now'. If you are a first time user, Learning Times will detect whether your computer has the necessary software programs needed for Elluminate to run. Learning Times will then give you prompts (make sure that your pop-up window blocker is OFF). Just click 'yes' to all the prompts.

5. Make sure that you have the latest JAVA installed. If you don't have it Learning Times will tell you how and where to download it.

6. Once you have all the programs needed, go back to Webheads Virtual Office in LearningTimes and click the Green  'Enter Now' button.

7. Elluminate live should be up and running. This takes a while to download so please be patient.





Before you start


1. Arrive at the LearningTimes room at least 15 minutes ahead of time to check your audio  


2. Enter through the Green >Enter Session button.  


3. As soon as you enter the virtual chat room, use the >Tools pull-down menu to select >Audio >Audio Setup Wizard. You may need to adjust the sound level and/or application selection on your own computer, especially if you have used another audio program (i.e., Skype or Yahoo Messenger) since your last Elluminate session.


4. Elluminate doesn't work well with a built-in microphone because it will pick up noise from your hard drive. Invest in a USB or other plug-in microphone.



During the session


1. If you are on time for the presentation, introduce yourself  or say 'Hi' to everyone in the room. If you're late, blend with the crowd and listen to the presenter or observe first what is going on.


2. Once the session is running, please observe proper netiquette.


3. During the presentation, use the text chat to speak. Avoid grabbing the mic from the presenter unless the presenter asks for comments or during the Q & A session. 


4. Remember to release the microphone button when you finish speaking.  


5. Please use the >Raised hand icon so that you can take turns speaking.






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