Date and Time of Live Sessions


Note: Please arrive 15 minutes before the specified time to double check your audio and connections. Please have skype chat or Yahoo messenger as back up.


Add: aidenyeh / anawu to your list of friends. 


Please look at Tips-On-Using-LearnigTimes page and try to download the necessary software before you attend the live sessions. In this way, we can avoid technical difficulties during these sessions.


Week 1      

Guest Speakers: Katya Nemtchinova and Brock Brady


                    Date:  January 15, Thursday (USA)

                    Length: 90 minutes

Time: 4:00-6:00 pm - PST

          or 12 midnight- GMT   

          or 7:00-9:00 pm EST

          or 8:00-10:00 am (January 16 in Taiwan and rest of Asia).


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Week 2

Guest Speaker: Enric Llurda


                    Date:  Jan. 22, 2009

                    Length: 1 hour

                    Time: 15 GMT                       


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                    Place: Learning Times,



Week 3


                  Guest Speakers:   Suresh Canagarajah (Asynchronous Discussions)         


                                              Yilin Sun


                 Date: Jan 30, 6 pm (USA Wahington, Seattle) or 2 AM GMT/Jan 31, Saturday
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                 Length: 1 hour


Week 4

     Guest SpeakerAhmar Mahboob


                    Date:  February 6, 2009

                    Length: 1 hour

                    Time: 6 am GMT


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                    Place: Learning Times, 



Week 5

Guest Speaker: Lia Kamhi-Stein


                    Date: February 9, Monday (USA)

                    Time: 8:00 am (LA time) or 16:00 GMT

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Week 6

          Guest Speaker: George Braine


                    Date:  Feb 17, 2009

                    Length: 1 hour

                    Time: 1 AM GMT

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                    Place: ALADO,


         Guest Speakers: Ana Wu, and Kyung-Hee Bae  


                     Date:  Sunday, February 22, 2009 at 01:00:00 GMT (or Saturday, February 21, 19:00 CST)

                    Length: 1 hour


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