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Welcome to 'NNEST: Networking Solutions for Professional Development'-

 an Electronic Village Online (EVO) 2009 Session




Joining the session 


This session will start accepting participants on Jan 6, 2009, but the session will officially kick-off on Jan. 12, 2009.


To participate in this session, you need to join the Yahoo! Groups that we will be using for our discussions. Go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/nnest_evo2009/ and click on 'Join this group' button.


1. Once your membership request has been approved, introduce yourself by sending a brief message to the group, through the Yahoo Group (distribution) list: http://nnest-evo2009.pbwiki.com/ and then click on the POST feature (menu on the left), with the following information:

a. your first and last name. You can include the name you would like to be called,

b. Yahoo ID,

c. institution where you work or study,

d. what you do,

e. why you joined this group and the expectations you have,

f. any additional info you would like to share with the group;


2. Post a small picture to the PHOTOS section of the Yahoo Group (YG)  and add your photo to the world map to tell us where you are located http://www.frappr.com/nnestevo2009session;



Discussion Modes







Note: Time in GMT , Link to World clock



How to Participate


Weekly readings and tasks

Posting to the Yahoo! Group to encourage active participation

  email address of YG (put here)

Using voice tools/wiki


Read 'A Short Guide to Netiquette'


Important Links




EVO Frontpage

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